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The trademark of Ruralitą Mediterranea

What is the trademark Ruralità Mediterranea?

The trademark Ruralità Mediterranea was born with the goal of uniting and increasing the value of the territories of the Mediterranean rural areas, through a system of quality recognizable thanks to a graphic symbol with strong visual impact.

Who can join the trademark?

Right now, they can join the trademark Ruralità Mediterranea:

  • The hospitality companies (hotels, agriturisms, B&B, residences, pensions,...)
  • The restaurant industries (restaurants, pizzerias, trattorias, wine bars, ...)
  • The selling activities of enogastronomic and handicrafts products.

So the operators of the rural areas of the Mediterranean are the true protagonists of the trademark. There can ask to join the trademark all the representative structures of the territory that operate respecting the environment, using local products and resources and that can warranty a high quality welcome.

Why join the trademark?

Once part of the quality system of Ruralità Mediterranea, the company can use the logo and benefit from the promotional activities related to the quality trademark.
The belonging to the quality system Ruralità Mediterranea represents an attractive feature to the client, who will be warranted with a professional and kind welcome, with high quality services, with useful information, and all there is to spend an ideal holiday.

How to join the trademark?

In order to warranty the quality of the system, there are required some minimal qualifications standards defined by the use policy of the trademark, the commitment to respect the conditions established by the use policy and the agreement of the controls carried on by the management body of the trademark (Agenzia per il Mediterraneo).

  • If you are interested in joining the trademark, in these pages you can find the documentation to file the adherence request;
  • In order to verify the adherence conditions, review the Use Policy and the Manual;
  • If you decide to by part of the quality circuit of Ruralità Mediterranea , please complete the adherence request and the check list and mail it all to the address establishes in the request form¹.

The management body of the trademark will contact you in order to formalize the adherence given that all the documents are appropriate.  

“Rediscovery and valorization of the Ruralità Mediterranea”
is a project financed with European funds LEADER+, GAL Alto Casertano leads.

¹ We remind you that there are made controls regarding the truth of the information provided. In case of unverifiable information, the request will not be approved.

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