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Grapes of Mazzarrone

The Uva da Tavola Mazzarrone PGI produced in the delimitated production area that includes the territories if the provinces of Catania and Ragusa and the municipalities of Acate, Chiarimonte Gulfi and Comiso. Its cultivation started in the 1800. It is produces in three typologies: white, red and black. The black grape embraces the tonalities of dark black-blue, velvety, with pearly reflexes covered by pruina. The red grape is red with blue shades, covered by pruina. The white grape presents cloisters of changing colors form white cream to golden yellow, covered by pruina. For each one of these there are established qualitative characteristics related to size and shape of the cloisters and the components of the pulp. Thank you to the long exposition of this product to high temperatures, the taste is particularly sweet and delicate.

Where to find it: Kalat Ovest
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