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A transnational project for a sustainable touristic promotion

For the first time, 23 Local Action Groups (LAG) came together to create a unique trademark
to promote their territory in the touristic environment.
The project is made thank you to the European financial aid of the Communitarian Initiative Program Leader Plus.

A new trademark for a specialized and unique touristic product, rich in history, culture, flavors
and perfumes.
A sweet tourism to the discovery of territories meant to be visited calmly, stopping
to enjoy the landscapes
, to be amazed in front of a palace or to get lost in a small thematic
museum, to rediscover the time that once was.

Inedited lands, far aways from the classic touristic circuits capable to offer amazing paths, unique landscapes, unexpected villages. The portal of Ruralitą Mediterranea comes to life to open the doors to this world, to share the time left by it, in a relaxing atmosphere, still intact
and genuine.

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